2018 Perry HC King and Queen

It was a feel-good moment Thursday evening in the Perry High School gymnasium, as Jasmine Tobar and Mario Cruz were crowned as this year’s Homecoming Queen and King.

Tobar was the emotional favorite to take the crown, and when it was placed on her head by last year’s King Reece Dunlap, the crowd exploded with excitement and cheers. She was then hugged by the rest of the members of the court, who gladly ceded the honor to their classmate who they said always has a smile for them. Cruz was also well known around the school for his helpful attitude and involvement in a wide assortment of activities. The coronation was broadcast live on Raccoon Valley Radio, and we were able to catch the new royalty before they headed out to the bonfire.

Cruz said he never expected to be crowned King, but once his name was called he felt a rush of excitement come over him. “To be honest, it’s a great feeling! I’ve never had this feeling before! My legs are still shaking, I was so nervous. But after he (Dunlap) laid the crown on my head, I felt great!” Tobar was also filled with emotion, and wore a big smile as she said how it felt to be crowned and offered her thanks. “Really good, I’m happy! (Thanks to) my class, my teachers, the students, the helpers who help, and Mrs. (Kris) Finn for helping me!”

If you missed listening to our live broadcast of Perry’s Coronation Night, you can find it on demand now at RaccoonValleyRadio.com.

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