Friday, September 21st

2:12am: An officer located an Open Door in the 500 Block of Greenwood Road.

8:14am: An officer was requested at the Middle School, 203 West Harrison Street, to pick up a stolen cell phone. A student had the cell phone, which was reported stolen to the Sheriff’s Office. The officer took custody of the phone and passed it to the deputy working the investigation.

11:20am: Lois Brant requested assistance from officers in catching her dog that was running loose in the 800 Block of West South Street. The officer was able to assist her in catching her animal.

11:58am: Curt Bergemann spoke with an officer concerning a chip to his windshield. He was unsure if the damage was from a rock, or a BB gun.

1:41pm: Officers assisted EMS with a Medical Call in the 200 Block of West Harrison Street.

3:04pm: Tim Cadden requested an officer at 621 South Cedar Street for the smell of smoke in the residence. The officer had the Jefferson Fire Department respond and check out the residence. Nothing was located to cause alarm.

4:50pm: A caller advised of two propane tanks missing in the 800 Block of West State Street. He called back a few minutes later and advised he had found them and they had not been stolen.

5:13pm: A deputy advised of a male walking in the 1800 Block of North Elm Street carrying a sword. The officer made contact with the male and learned it was an umbrella, not a sword.

9:22pm: An officer conducted a Traffic Stop with a vehicle on South Elm Street, near Greenewood Road. During the stop the officer detected the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. During a Probable Cause Search of the vehicle, the officer located two smoking devices containing a green leafy substance. The items were seized for lab testing. Charges are pending the test results.

10:54pm: Rob Knoll reported a group of juveniles at Russell Park playing loud music. The officer made contact with the group and advised them to turn down the music and the park was closing in a few minutes. They left the area.

Saturday, September 22nd

1:00pm: Rose Norgart reported the Theft of a power washer from 707 West South Street. The Theft had occurred in Early June. The officer is investigating.

3:04pm: Officers assisted EMS with a Medical Call in the 400 Block of South Olive Street.

3:20pm: Jaelin Westphalls spoke with an officer concerning a Civil Child Custody Issue.

3:59pm: Dollar General reported three juveniles in the store making a mess of the business. The officer arrived and made contact with one of the three juveniles. He advised they had been playing Hide and Seek in the business. His mother was contacted to pick him up and he was advised he was no longer welcome in the store. The officer later made contact with the other two juveniles and a parent and advised them the same.

4:59pm: Sharon Johnson requested assistance at 205 West Vest Street with her two unruly grandchildren. The two had left before the officer arrived. He later made contact with their mother, who advised they were with her and all was fine.

9:21pm: Gina Brown advised of Loud Music in the 800 Block of West Monroe Street. The officer located a group sitting around a fire in a backyard and advised them to turn the music down for the evening.

Sunday, September 23rd

1:02am: Janet Seil reported a lost iPhone while attending a Wedding in Jefferson. The phone was later located and returned to Janet by an attendee of the Wedding.

3:18am: A Traffic Stop at Elm and Lincoln Way Streets resulted in Nathan Nelson of Indianola being cited for, “Fail to Obey Stop Sign.”

3:36am: Erick Johnson reported neighborhood dogs barking in the 400 Block of South Wilson Ave. He believed someone was walking through neighborhood yards. The officer did not locate anyone in the area.

2:07pm: An officer assisted EMS with a Medical Call in the 400 Block of North Chestnut Street.

3:05pm: Family members were cleaning out a deceased resident’s home at 102 East Washington Street and turned over prescription medications located in the residence to the officer for disposal.

3:42pm: Roger Klocksiem reported witnessing a subject fall/get pushed out of a moving semi on 220th Street, 5 miles west of Jefferson. The driver stopped and pushed the subject back in the cab and left heading east on 22 th Street. Jefferson officers responded to 220th Street, but did not locate the reported semi.

8:36pm: Shane Coil requested an officer at 205 West Vest Street to remove an unwanted female from his camper, who refuses to leave. The officer arrived and informed the female she must leave the private property as she had been asked to do.

10:18pm: Kelsey Reed spoke with an officer about being harassed on a Social Media Dating Site. The officer advised her we take no action for Social Media issues and advised her to close the account.

******** An officer has requested Arrest Warrants for several subjects after completing an investigation into a Criminal Mischief to a vehicle at 206 Edgewood Avenue on September 17th, 2018. The damaged vehicle had been keyed, causing scratches to all body panels. Estimated damages to the 2006 Monte Carlo are $4755.08. A 17-year-old male juvenile has juvenile warrants requested for, “Conspiracy to Commit Non-Forcible Felony – Class D Felony, and Trespass causing Damage Greater than $200.00 – Serious.” The following adults have Arrest Warrants requested for the same charges: Kaden Lowe, 19 of Grand Junction, Elisha Ward, 18 of Jefferson, and Braxton Holderby, 18 of Jefferson. Kooper Behrens, 20 of Carroll and Elisha Ward, 18 of Jefferson were also involved and have requested warrants for Trespass Causing Damage Greater than $200.00 – Serious and Criminal Mischief 2 nd Degree – D Felony.”

Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.