The Panora City Council convened in regular session Monday.

The Council approved a contract with A-Check Global to conduct background checks for new city employees. The City did not perform background checks on new hires prior to this decision and felt it would protect the City from future potential problems. Next, the Council had a discussion with Guthrie County Environmental Health Director Jotham Arber about a proposed quarterly per capita increase of $4 for City residents in a 28E agreement with the West Central Iowa Solid Waste Management Association. The agreement hasn’t been altered since 1995, and Arber says the increase will help sustain the County’s waste and recycling balance and fund maintenance of the transfer station’s equipment. The current quarterly rate is $16, and the Council suggested easing into the increase, raising the rate by $1 for the next four years. No action was taken due to ongoing negotiations with the participating cities and the county.