Wednesday, November 7th

2:16am: While on patrol, an officer spotted a male, who appeared to be sleeping, in a vehicle parked at 777 Wild Rose Lane. The officer checked on the male to make sure he did not need medical attention. During the interaction, the officer patted the subject for weapons and asked if he had anything illegal on his person. The subject advised the officer he had methamphetamine and a syringe in his pocket. The officer seized the items for testing and charges are pending the lab results on the items.

9:31am: The Greene County High School confiscated a bottle of Vaping Oil from a male student. The officer issued Austin Owens-Higgins, 13 of Jefferson a citation for, “Minor in Possession of Tobacco/Vaping Product 2nd Offense.” The student was also suspended from school.

12:14pm: An officer was advised of a Parking Issue occurring in the 900 Block of West Washington Street. He is working to solve the issue.

1:34pm: Karen Perry advised a neighbor was blowing leaves from his yard into the street in the 800 Block of West Washington Street. The officer made contact with a resident, who advised he was blowing the leaves into a pile in his yard. The officer noticed the leaves in the street were flattened by traffic driving on them and appeared to have been in the street for a period of time.

3:35pm: Diane Chinberg advised of a vehicle parked at 777 Wild Rose Lane with children sitting inside alone. The officer located the vehicle and spoke to the male driver. He advised he had simply gone inside and picked up pizza he had ordered. The children were eating pizza in the presence of the officer.

45:0 pm: Monica Gonzalez reported Harassment of her exchange student from a Jefferson resident. The student had recently been removed from the residence and care of the Jefferson woman and placed in Perry. The student had been receiving harassing social media messages from the Jefferson female. The officer spoke to the former host parent and advised her to cease all contact, or possibly face criminal charges.

5:24pm: Cindy Rowland reported her juvenile granddaughter was being Harassed by students at school. Rowland did not feel the school was appropriately handling the issue. The officer will follow up with school officials.

5:31pm: John Morlan advised his grain truck had broken down in the 700 Block of West Lincoln Way Street. The vehicle was not obstructing traffic and would be removed shortly.

5:38pm: Joan Schilling reported a bucket in the roadway on Hwy 4, just north of the casino. The officer did not locate the object.

7:34pm: A caller advised of a vehicle on 220th Street, heading east towards Jefferson, that had open rear doors on the enclosed trailer it was pulling. The officer performed a Traffic Stop with the reported vehicle at 220th and Elm Streets and advised the driver. The trailer had been empty and the door was secured by the driver.

8:11pm: A Traffic Stop performed in the 700 Block of East Lincoln Way Street resulted in Eric Higgins of Grand Junction being cited for, “Operation without Registration.”

10:22pm: A Traffic Stop performed in the 200 Block of West Harrison Street resulted in Lauryn Killion of Jefferson being cited for, “Violation of Minor’s School License.”

Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.