Perry City Council 8-6

At the most recent Perry City Council meeting, much of it was devoted to a presentation by Aaron McElroy with Access Systems regarding the printing services at City Hall.

The discussion was prompted by Finance Officer Susie Morehead, who had grown weary of the mismatched printers in the building and the hassle of maintaining them. McElroy said Access Systems could provide a full-service printer lease program, including all new machines, and Perry City Administrator Sven Peterson says the agreement made both financial and logistical sense for the City. “Overall, through the five years of the agreement, it’ll save us almost $5,000. What that also does not take into account is that historically we have always purchased our equipment, but that $4,000 includes replacement of equipment and even upgrades. I think our last copier in City Hall was about $12,000, (and now) we’re just having to pay about $900 every year for all of our printers, and they’re just continuously updated on a three-year basis.”

Peterson adds, the agreement will save time for the staff as they won’t have to worry about ordering supplies or maintaining the copy machines themselves. McElroy also promised that every time the City needs help with the equipment, a representative from Access Systems will be on site to help within an hour. The Perry Public Library is one of the company’s current customers in the City, and Director Mary Murphy vouched for the quality of the customer service provided. At that point, the Council had heard enough to make their decision, and unanimously approved a five-year service contract with Access Systems.

To learn more about the Perry City Council meeting, click the link below to listen to the Perry Fareway Let’s Talk Dallas County program with Peterson.