Next week starts the 2019 Iowa legislative session, and one newcomer preparing for his tenure at the Capitol is the newly elected representative for House District 20.

Republican Ray Sorensen of Greenfield was elected in November defeating Democratic candidate Warren Varley of Stuart. He fills the seat previously held for 20 years by fellow Republican and Greenfield resident Clel Baudler, who retired prior to the election. Sorensen says the last couple months have included orientation for himself and the other new members of the House and Senate and meetings within different caucuses.

Sorensen has been named vice-chair of the appropriations committee, and also serves on the state government, commerce, and veterans affairs committees. He shares why these committees were the right fit for him, “Well, I’m a small business owner running Sorensen Studios and then of course painting the Freedom Rock I have a lot of interest in commerce and then veterans affairs. And then beyond that, state government was also an interest and then with appropriations, all bills have to go through appropriations. So essentially if you’re wanting to be a legislator you’re either on a sub-approp. committee or you’re on appropriations, so every bill has to go through it and it’s an interest of all of us.”

Sorensen’s district covers the northeast portion of Cass, northwest portion of Dallas, and all of Adair and Guthrie counties. The upcoming legislative session begins Monday. To hear more from Sorensen, listen to Monday’s Let’s Talk Guthrie County and you can hear him every other week as part of our Let’s Talk programs on Monday’s during the legislative session.