The Jefferson City Council met Tuesday night in regular session.

The Council held several public hearings regarding $2.4 million in general obligation bonds. Following the hearings, the Council approved a resolution for a loan agreement in the principal amount not to exceed $2.4 million over the next two fiscal years. It is for various projects including alleyway and parking lot improvements, sidewalk extensions, purchasing equipment for the fire department, sanitation and the swimming pool among others.

Following another public hearing, the Council also approved an amendment to the Urban Renewal Plan to allow $243,000 of tax increment financing (TIF) funds to be used to build a ten-foot walking path from the north side of Central Avenue from Highway 4 to Maple Street. Then after the final public hearing, the Council approved a grant application to the United States Department of Agriculture for the construction of the new animal shelter.

Additionally, the Council set June 25th as the special election date to fill a vacancy on the council. Nomination forms are available now at the Greene County Auditor’s office and must be submitted to the Auditor’s office with 25 signatures by May 31st at 5pm. The Council also set the polling times of 7am to 8pm. The Council voted 4-1 in favor with Council member Darren Jackson abstaining.

Fire Chief Jack Williams then gave an update on the new fire truck. He said it has been used in about 30 fires. They’ve used it in structure fires, vehicle fires and grass and field fires. It has saved on average about 100,000 gallons of water per fire. The new truck has helped to save a historical building in Grand Junction and reduced the time on vehicle fires from 30 minutes to ten. Williams added it was the best purchase the fire department has made so far.

During reports, City Engineer Jim Leiding said two of three bids for the relocation of the county road project for the airport were either not received or misplaced and the third bid was too high. So the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will allow for another round of bidding to take place. The second round of bids will be received on May 22nd, with the awarding of the contract to be on May 28th.