Warm days this Spring have been few and far between, so with predicted high temperatures at 85 or above for the Coed State Track & Field Meet, coaches around the state will be taking precautions to protect their athletes tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday at Drake Stadium in Des Moines.

Greene County girls’ head coach Derek Merk talked with Raccoon Valley Radio about what he’s telling his athletes. “Obviously, with temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s it’s going to be important to keep them inside when not competing. I know they’ll want to be out there watching, but I think ultimately we want them performing at their best and they can’t be out sunbathing all afternoon if they want to do their best, so we’ll definitely talk to them about that and make sure they stay hydrated. We do in the morning session this year, which is fortunate for us because the afternoon session could really be a scorcher.”

Class 2A and 3A start at 9 a.m. tomorrow and all three Raccoon Valley Radio stations will have updates all three days.