The Guthrie County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Tuesday.

The meeting began with a Conservation Department update from Director Joe Hanner. The Board then had a phone conference with the State of Iowa Auditor’s Office Audit Manager Tammy Hollingsworth to ask questions about the fiscal year 2018 audit report. Hollingsworth said the report went well, and its findings were no different than other counties in the state. Hollingsworth added it’s their hope for the County that they keep improving upon their office and financial functions each year, including segregation of duties. The Board then approved the 2018 audit report along with other financial statements.

Next, the Board gave a master matrix score of 465 for Rose Acre Farm’s construction permit application to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for a confinement feeding operation. The minimum score required was 440, and the Board had no objection to the application. Finally, the Board approved a liquor license application for the Adair-Casey Tour Abroad Group Incorporated, approved zoning permits reports, and performed Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Training (HIPAA).