Among the many attractions currently located at Forest Park Museum and Arboretum in Perry, one of the most popular has been an exhibit on the prairie.

Museum Curator Pete Malmberg says the temporary exhibit shows visitors the roots of the prairie soil, which directly contributed to the State of Iowa having arguably the most ideal farmland in the nation. People can also learn about native prairie animals, some of which are still here like bull snakes and owls, and some that have moved on such as elks and prairie chickens. Malmberg says people have enjoyed the exhibit, due to it being both educational and interactive. “It gives a chance for the public to kind of connect with our past and relate it to the future and how we are restoring prairies in some areas. That’s indoors and it’s got a lot of hands-on components. And then when groups come out, I do a lot with the prairie. We do a lot of games out in the prairie so they can actually experience the prairie first hand.”

Malmberg reminds the public that there is no admission fee to visit Forest Park, and it’s open each day of the week and on weekends. To learn more, click the link below to listen to the Perry Fareway Let’s Talk Dallas County program with Malmberg.