The first phase of construction on the Perry High School industrial technology facility and wrestling/multipurpose room project is set to begin on July 15th, which will cause a yearlong inconvenience for the District.

However, Perry Superintendent Clark Wicks feels that inconvenience will create a positive opportunity for the students and staff of the school. “One of the first things that they’ll do is put a fence around that whole parking area to the north of the high school, which will mean a number of parking spots will now be displaced. So everybody needs to (meet) the challenge of adapting to a new situation, walking, getting more healthy, and just being thankful that we have a chance to go to school and get better.”

Wicks says part of the main lot will still be open, though it will likely be taken up by the earliest arrivals at school each day. Everyone else will need to park at the gravel lot located south of Dewey Field. That will be the primary lot for school events like athletic competitions, concerts, and the annual Perry Band Olympics. Wicks adds, the parking change will be in place for the entire duration of the next school year, but he’s hopeful the facility project will be completed and the parking lot will open before the start of school in the fall of 2020.