Lizzy Allen (Cedar Highland): Photography

Bailey Anderson (Greenbrier): Photography, Child Development

Arthur Bardole (Greenbrier): Photography, Extemporaneous 

Kayla Muir (Washington Winners): Photography

Brian Hardaway (Greenbrier): Photography

Lucas Oakes (Cedar Highland): Welding

Eathan Hooper (Junction Food Producers): Woodworking

Joe Thompson (Scranton Barn Stormers): Small Engines and Consumer Management

Caden Etherton (Greenbrier): Woodworking

Natalie Heupel (Greenbrier): Clothing and Fashion

Megan Palmer (Cedar Highland): Sewing and Needle Arts

Hannah Curtis (Hardin Happy Hustlers): Sewing and Needle Arts

Maya Telleen (Hardin Happy Hustlers): Food and Nutrition

Aubrey Heupel (Hardin Happy Hustlers): Food and Nutrition

Autumn Villebro (Scranton Barn Stormers): Food and Nutrition

Avery Bardole (Greenbrier): Food and Nutrition

Lanie Fish (Washington Winners): Child Development

Americus Squibb (Scranton Barn Stormers): Visual Arts and Visual Arts

Elizabeth Allen (Cedar Highland): Visual Arts

Emma Halterman (Greenbrier): Visual Arts and Home Improvement

Gina Brown (Greenbrier): Visual Arts

Kara Reed (Greenbrier): Home Improvement

Aden Bardole (Greenbrier): Home Improvement

Kaitlin Halterman (Greenbrier): Home Improvement