Wednesday, July 10th

2:01am: An officer assisted the GC Ambulance with a Medical Call in the 300 Block of North Cedar Street.

3:23am: Stacia Baugh requested an officer at 108 South Maple Street for a male subject pounding on the apartment windows and yelling about his daughter. The officer arrived and made contact with the male outside. He advised the officer that his young daughter lives here with her mother and he has shared custody. He advised he was concerned about the welfare of his daughter. The officer advised him to leave the property and seek an attorney, as he was very close to being charged with, “Disorderly Conduct.” The male left the area.

4:52am: An officer was requested at 500 East Clark Street by a male who thought he had been poisoned by his sister. The officer arrived and determined the male was experiencing mental issues. The sister drove the male to ER to been seen by a medical doctor.

6:41am: ER Staff advised a male patient had just left ER against the doctor’s wishes. He was being evaluated for mental issues and decided to leave during the process. Officers began searching for the subject.

11:43am: Samantha Gliem reported a couple involved in a Verbal Argument in the yard of 206 East Washington Street. The officer spoke with both parties, who advised the argument was over and no assistance was needed.

1:57pm: Officers were called back to 108 South Maple Street for a male pounding on the doors and windows, while screaming profanities. The officers arrived and did not see the male. As they spoke with the female party, the male came back and was screaming profanities towards the occupants. The officer spoke to the male and advised him to leave and not return, or he would face criminal charges. The male walked from the area. As officers were continuing to speak with the female party, the male returned to the area. As officers approached him, he made threatening gestures and advised he would assault the officers. An officer withdrew his TASER and ordered the male to put his hands behind his back, he refused to follow the officer’s commands and continued to approach them. The officer fired his TASER and both officers attempted to hand cuff the male. After a short struggle, the officers were able to hand cuff the male subject. James Leon Cunningham, (44 and Homeless), was arrested and charged with, “Disorderly Conduct – Simple, Trespass – Simple, Interference with Official Acts – Simple,

Assault on Person’s in Certain Occupations – Serious, Possession of Controlled Substance/Meth 2 nd Offense – Aggravated, and Criminal Mischief 5 th Degree – Simple. The Criminal Mischief charge was added after the female located a tire had been cut on her vehicle. The officer matched Cunningham’s knife to the puncture hole on the tire.

6:16pm: The Brown Funeral Home called and advised of an abandoned motorcycle on private property at 408 West Lincoln Way Street. Th officer learned the motorcycle belongs to James Cunningham, the earlier arrest at 108 South Maple Street. The motorcycle was towed to the Impound Lot.

7:47pm: John Sturgeon reported his neighbor’s dog had bit his wife’s leg as she drove past their residence on a motorized scooter. The officer arrived and spoke to the female and was shown very faint scratch marks on her leg. The officer spoke to several people who witnessed the event. He determined the animal had approached her as she passed on the sidewalk and jumped up and placed his paws in her lap for attention, causing the scratches. The animal was on its own property, but the officer warned the animal’s owner that people have a right to use the public sidewalk without being approached by their animal.

8:58pm: An officer assisted the GC Ambulance with a Medical Call in the 400 Block of South Oak Street.

6:43pm: ER Staff advised a male patient had walked out of ER before the doctor could finish evaluating him for a mental issue. The officer located the subject a few blocks from the hospital and spoke with him. The officer was able to coax the male back to ER.

11:02pm: Kelly Derry advised a neighbor advised her by text that a male subject was in her yard at 204 East Wilcoxway. The officer checked the area, but did not locate anyone.

Thursday, July 11th

5:46am: A Traffic Stop at South Elm and Ram Drive resulted in Inge Smothers of Perry being cited for, “Excessive Speed.”

10:06am: An officer investigated a Backing Accident in the 600 Block of North Oak Street. A 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan, owned and operated by Barbara Walker of Jefferson, backed from a parking spot in the 600 Block of North Oak Street and backed into a parked vehicle on the street. The 2019 Ford Edge was owned by Katherine Pittman of Jefferson. The Walker vehicle suffered very minor damages of $50.00. The Pittman vehicle had a reported $200.00 in damages. Walker was cited for, “Unsafe Backing Upon a Highway.”

10:37am: Morton Buildings reported the Theft of a Laser Level from 509 East Gallop Road. There were no signs of forced entry into the business. The item is valued at $750.00. The officer is investigating.

12:17pm: An officer responded to a Residential Burglary Alarm Activation at 506 North Locust Street. A family member had accidentally tripped the alarm.

1:32pm: Abby Binkley reported what she felt to be Harassment from family members. The officer determined it not to be harassment, as no contact was made with her personally.

2:11pm: A caller advised of a snake needing removed from the property at 106 East Washington Street. The snake had left the area before the officer’s arrival.

3:48pm: Alyssa Slusser requested an officer at 803 West Adams Street. She and her boyfriend were involved in an argument and she wanted him removed from the property. The officer’s investigation showed the male had lived at the residence for over a month. The officer advised Slusser she would need to do an Eviction Process through the courts.

5:31pm: Sherry Sinley reported she received a call from a male advising she owned back taxes from when she lived in TX. She told him she had never lived in TX. He asked for her Social Security Number to verify this and she gave it to the male. He hung up after receiving this information. The officer advised her this was a Scam Call and she needed to closely watch her credit history for unauthorized actions.

9:21pm: Josh Halterman reported cattle in the roadway on South Grimmell Road. The officer contacted the owner of the cattle, who put them back in the lot.

10:49pm: A caller requested an officer check on a male at Russell Park. They advised he advised he was hearing voices. The officer made contact with the male, who was reading a book. The officer spoke with the male and determined he did not need any assistance.

Note: All charges are merely an accusation. All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.