Having a perfect season in nearly any sport is next to impossible but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. A lot of things have to go your teams way and you have to pretty good as well. It’s would be unreasonable  to expect teams like ADM’s volleyball team to have a perfect season, but they definitely can look to getting to a winning record. There is one thing though that Coach Scott can preach to her team, avoid large losing streaks.

During the 2018 fall run, the Lady Tigers had three different instances where they lost three or more games, and one time where they lost four straight. For reference, the 2017 team that finished with a record of 23-12, only had one occurrence where they had lost three straight games.

ADM did have one of the more tough schedules in the 2018 year and they were a younger team in the RCC. They will be looking to bounce back in the 2019 campaign with more experience returning.