Greene County Rams

Greene County held its football camp last week. The first part of the week the camp was at the high school in Jefferson, but the high school team spent last Wednesday and Thursday nights on the Camp Dodge military base in Johnston. Head Coach Caden Duncan talked about that experience. “I think Camp Dodge was about exactly what we expected. We got a lot of team bonding out of it, which was kind of the main point of going there, to come together as a team. We hung out in the barracks together, ate in the Mess Hall, did some conditioning, and all got to work on football. It was exactly what we needed and the kids liked it, so I think it was a good deal”

Coach Duncan added there was no charge to stay at the Camp, and meals were catered in.

Official practice for all Fall sports, including football, began on Aug. 12. The coach said practice is off to a good start. He added there will be no freshmen only games this year due to only 10 ninth graders going out for the sport. That means only one game, the varsity game, on Friday nights for the Rams this season, instead of a ninth/varsity doubleheader, which was the norm in recent seasons. All Ram varsity games will be broadcast again this season on KG98 and streamed on