A former businessman and military veteran has officially received enough signatures for the June 2020 Republican primary election.

Republican Bret Richards announced earlier this year that he will be challenging incumbent Steve King in June 2020 primary election. He has recently acquired 3,650 signatures, which is over the required amount. 

Republican candidates must gather at least 1,874 signatures to be on the primary election ballot. The required amount represents one-percent of the total number of votes cast for the party’s 2019 gubernatorial candidate, Governor Kim Reynolds. Candidates must also collect eligible voters’ signatures equal to at least one-percent of the party’s vote in at least 20 of the district’s 39 counties. Richards not only surpassed the required signatures needed, but he also topped the one-percent threshold in 26 counties and has collected signatures in all 39 counties. In Greene County alone, Richards has 70 signatures, which is over the required number of 47.

Richards is from Shelby County and has been to almost 30 county fairs this summer. He wants to fix the country’s healthcare system, secure our nation’s borders and solve the national debt crisis. 

Nomination papers must be submitted to the Secretary of State’s office between February 24 and March 13, 2020.