Students learning about drones

The 23rd annual Ag on the Farm Day was Tuesday as the Greene County fourth graders experienced several different agriculture aspects at Connor and Lindsay Juergensen’s farm in Churdan.

There were ten stations the students visited that provided a first-hand experience of the different services and jobs there are in the agriculture industry. Fourth grader Owen Frederick described his favorite station.

Mike Finarty (left) explaining corn production

“The combine because they were telling us about safety on the combine, and around all of the tractors, and all the equipment around the farm.”

Some of the other stations included: drones on the farm, conservation practices and ethanol production. Greene County Farm Bureau and Farm Credit Services partnered to sponsor the event. Farm Bureau Board President James Holz talks about continuing to give kids a unique opportunity not found everywhere else.

Dr. Steve Karber (middle) talking about lamb production

“We really enjoy hosting the fourth graders out here so they can get a taste of what real agriculture is in Greene County. We’re excited and we do this every year. It really is telling when the community gets around and really teach these fourth graders what’s going on in their backyard.”

To wrap up the event, Greene County Pork Producers grilled pork burgers for lunch. See the full list of the stations and presenters below.    



List of stations and presenters:

Roy Bardole-farming history

Cale Juergensen-cattle production

Jay Nelson-Louis Dreyfus, ethanol

Lauren Britton-Boone County Farm Bureau (minute-to-win-it games)

Allison Ladd-Iowa Select Farms, pork production

Dr. Steve Karber-lamb production

Mike Finarty-Iowa Corn Growers Association, corn production

Chance Paup-Paup Agri-service, drones on the farm

Raelyn Harris-FFA, farm safety

Schyler Bardole-conservation practices