Future development site in Perry

The Perry City Council recently approved the final site plan for a pair of apartment complexes to be built within the next year.

Green Stream Homes has plans in the works to build townhomes and single-family homes east of 28th Street, but their first project is constructing two 30-unit apartment complexes. Perry City Administrator Sven Peterson says the market-rate apartments will fulfill a housing option currently lacking in the City. He also believes their location between McKinley Street and Willis Avenue, in close proximity to the high school and middle school, will make them ideal for new teachers and young professionals arriving in town.

Peterson feels projects such as this are examples that the City’s tax abatement program is working, especially as a way to convince developers that Perry is a worthwhile investment. “You know, it’s easy to throw up these 60 apartments somewhere in the metro, and they’re probably going to be full really quick. But for somebody to take that extra step out of the metro and develop in Perry is really encouraging to us. So (it’s) just really exciting, there’s been a lot of work put in throughout all of the years getting to this point, and it feels like we’re finally there. It feels like we’re finally at the point that awesome things are happening, people are coming to town, they’re engaging in the community, and they’re investing in the community. So I think we’re more and more becoming recognized as that place to put down some roots, make an investment, and stick around for a while.”

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