Image courtesy of neighborhood autos website

With colder days ahead, now is a good time to winterize your vehicle.

Nick Lestina with Wahl/McAtee Tire and Service in Jefferson encourages everyone to check their vehicle’s battery to make sure it can withstand the extreme cold of Iowa’s winter. He suggests to warm up your vehicle until you see the vehicle’s temperature gauge increase. He says when the oil is warmed up, it will react and lubricate the engine block. 

Another factor is checking tires and tire pressure. Lestina says in colder temperatures, tires tend to deflate, so watch for that and refill with air as needed. He points out having good tire tread is key to the winter season.

“With the appropriate tread depth and everything on your tires, you’re going to (have) much more control over your vehicle (with) better stopping, better handling. It’s just a much safer situation.”

Lestina recommends checking your vehicle’s coolant and antifreeze. He says a typical antifreeze temperature is 35-degrees below zero to ensure that your vehicle functions properly.