So you’ve harvested a deer or other wild game this fall, now what to do with it?

For hunters who are unsure of what to do with their wild game or how to best prepare it for dinner, Iowa Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer for Greene and Guthrie counties Jeremy King is happy to share some of his own recipes, “My family and I, we love the outdoors we love knowing where our meat comes from. We love being part of the cycle of life and even more so we love preparing this, and just like anything there are certain things that you can do to maybe make it more palatable. A lot of folks maybe turn up their nose or don’t enjoy the outdoors because they don’t know what to do or how to cook their wild game. So I do have a handful of recipes and this is just the beginning; there’s a lot available on the web.”

You can listen to King describe his venison french dip, roasted duck, and other recipes below. King’s phone number is 712-250-0061 if you’d like to reach out to him with any questions, or are interested in purchasing an Iowa DNR recipe book. Those not interested in consuming their own deer can also take part in DNR’s Help Us Stop Hunger, or HUSH program.