Here are the trivia questions for each of today’s sponsors.


Backwards Boutique

Q: How many pairs of Shoes Does Backwards Boutique have coming for Spring?

A: 189 Pairs of Shoes


Q: What is the name of the on-site daycare available inside the Perry Lutheran Home?

A:  Acorns and Oaks

Q: Due to the onsite daycare at the Perry Lutheran Homes, what is the unique benefit that only tenants of the Perry Lutheran Home can enjoy?


Q: Name the five branch locations for your locally owned Raccoon Valley Bank?

A: Perry, Minburn, Adel, Dallas Center and Grimes

Q: Name the most recent city to open up a new branch for Raccoon Valley Bank and what Highway is it located for your easy convenience?

A:  Grimes and HWY 141


Q: What city is your Perry Hyvee located in?

A: Perry


Jefferson Iowa Realty

Q: Which real estate company provides you the most marketing for your real estate sale in Greene County?

A: Iowa Realty

Greene County Medical Clinic

Q: What year did the Greene County Medical Clinic finish it’s most recent remodel and expand to better serve area residents?

A: 2015

Jefferson Family Chiropractic

Q: In addition to chiropractic care, Jefferson Family Chiropractic offers acupuncture…Which doctor is the acupuncturist?

A: Dr. Ashley

Midland Power Cooperative

Q: In how many Iowa counties does Midland Power Cooperative provide service?

A: 17


Adel-Winterset TV and Appliance Heating and Cooling

Q: For over how many years has Kenny and the staff at Adel-Winterset TV and Appliance Heating and Cooling been serving the Dallas and surrounding area?

A: For over 60 years

People’s Bank–Adel, Waukee & Clive)

Q: At Peoples Bank, 8 of the 9 Branches are powered by what? 

A: Solar Panels


Q: Peoples Bank has been serving Iowans since? 

A: 1917


Q: At Peoples bank, get _______ up with checking that earns you more.  

A: Hyped


Q: What month and year did Fareway in Waukee open?

A:  December, 1998

H & R Block

Q: In what year did the IRS release the first income tax form, called Form 1040?  

A: 1914