The ADM Tigers are doing a good job of taking care and distributing the basketball so far this year, as every guard on the team has a positive assist to turnover ratio, a statistic that is usually important and helps determine the teams success. ADM is led by junior Nate Mueller, who has a great turnover to assist ratio with 53 assists on the year to only 22 turnovers.

Mueller has been wildly effective with a 2.4/1 assist to turnover ratio. Jaxson Millsap also was solid with 31 assists on the year and 19 turnovers, and Tate Stine-Smith, who currently has 21 assists and only 14 turnovers.

Almost every player on the roster has more assists than turnovers, which shows that the team has a bunch of guys who are smart with the basketball but also have the ability to create a play as well.

As ADM gets back onto the court this week, they will need to continue to have games with more assists than turnovers, in order to have success.