A day before Former Vice President Joe Biden takes the stage with other Democratic presidential candidates to debate in Des Moines tonight, Dr. Jill Biden visited Guthrie Center to talk about her husband’s background and campaign platform.

The english professor and Former Second Lady hosted a meet and greet at the Mary J. Barnett Memorial Library Monday morning, where she told attendees to imagine waking up one day in 2021 where there are policies like universal preschool and an expansion of green energy such as wind turbines. Jill added that if elected Joe Biden would build on the Affordable Care Act but with a public option for those who wish to keep their current insurance provider, and would work to bring down prescription drug prices. Jill shares what a Biden administration would do for counties like Guthrie, “What I’ve heard in Iowa, especially in the rural counties, is how much help they need and that means with the economy, that means with healthcare, that means with mental health, that means with building hospitals and schools and giving equal education to all the children in rural areas and that’s what I’m hearing. And of course everybody is concerned about climate change because look how it’s affecting the Iowa farmers and I’ve seen a lot of flooding here in Iowa. Of course education is on everyone’s mind, we all want a better education system.”

Jill told the public during the event that while there is a great field of Democratic candidates who would do well as Biden’s cabinet members, she said Biden is the only one who can beat President Donald Trump in November.