As work progresses on the expansion projects for Progressive Foundry and Wiese Industries in downtown Perry, the City is getting closer to a project of their own in the area.

The Perry City Council recently accepted a Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE) grant from the Iowa Department of Transportation, which will fund the widening of Bateman Street as it runs next to the two factories. The grant is for $884,703 and includes a 50% match by the City, which will cover the entire project. However, Perry City Administrator Seven Peterson says they are also seeking an Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, which would help pay for the reconstruction of a few other nearby streets.

The current project includes four blocks of Bateman Street, between 1st and 4th streets, as well as sections of 3rd and 4th. Peterson says with truck traffic in the area expected to increase with the factory expansions, the City felt it was a good chance to tackle a long-needed project. “(It’s) a really great opportunity to leverage some growth in our industry to reinvigorate some of the infrastructure around those. Because they’re just kind of built for that residential traffic and that railroad traffic that were a lot smaller vehicles back then. So now that traffic not only has grown in volume, but also in size, so we’re going to be upgrading those streets to be able to handle a little bit heavier duty traffic.”

To learn more about this and other City of Perry topics, click the link below to listen to the recent Perry Fareway Let’s Talk Dallas County program with Peterson.