With temperatures to continue to be below zero for overnight lows, it’s a good time to review some safety tips when it comes to our pets.

Veterinarian Dr. Mark Peters of Jefferson Veterinary Clinic prefers not letting pets be outside when it’s below zero. However, he has some safety tips if your pet needs to be outside.

“If you have to, for any length of time, they need to have a heated and insulated water dish, a heated and insulated house, and they need to be out of the wind. But preferably just not outside unless you are out there with them (and) playing, that sort of thing.”

If pets are left outside, Dr. Peters says animals can suffer from hypothermia. He adds to consider the type of pet you have, especially dogs.

“If you have a poodle with not much hair on it versus a saint bernard who is actually made to be out when it’s pretty chilly, you just have to use common sense and take that stuff into consideration.”

Despite animals being able to regulate their body temperatures better than humans, Dr. Peters always suggests monitoring your pet at all times if they have to be outside in frigid temperatures.