New Cooperative Representatives (left) presenting to Supervisors

The Greene County Board of Supervisors met Thursday.

During open forum, County Attorney Thomas Laehn told the Board about a new contract with Boone County Probation Services. He informed the Board of a proposed contract that would make the program automatically renew every year, regardless if they go over or under the 20 criminals that use the program for their informal probation.

The Board then heard about a possible expansion project for New Cooperative. Representatives with the farmer-owned cooperative told the Board about possibly building a new grain elevator and swine feed mill at the Cooper location. The elevator would have the capacity to hold 4.4 million bushels of grain and produce about 600,000 tons of feed. Some of the issues that still have to be finalized include re-zoning 22 acres of property from agriculture to industrial through the County’s Planning and Zoning Commission, air quality permits through the Department of Natural Resources and driveway configurations with the Department of Transportation. 

It was mentioned that New Cooperative is looking at other sites, but that Cooper was under consideration. No formal timeline or cost estimate was available during the discussion.