Greene County Rams

With no school and no school related activities in Iowa until at least April 13, Greene County Activities Director Todd Gordon has some thoughts on the subject. “Thirty-five years in the business and this is just something you don’t plan for. I think the great thing that athletics and activities teaches you is to be adaptable, and to be flexible, and how to deal with a change of plans because you’re going to have to do that in the middle of a game or contest. You’ve got to find a way to recover and find a different way to do some things sometimes.”

The A.D. continued, “We have to continue to be leaders, number one. That’s what I’m really encouraging our coaches and directors to be. Now, more than ever, our kids need contact, they need leadership, they need to know that things can be OK, because right now they’re missing more of the social and emotional aspect of a team than the physical aspect.”

No in person contact is allowed by coaches, or any school personnel with students. Some coaches have taken to video chats, conference calls, phone calls, social media, and other ways to stay in touch with team members.