As more positive, confirmed cases of COVID-19 happen in Iowa, some of the individuals on the front lines that deal with it include first responders and ambulance crews.

Greene County Ambulance Director Michele Madsen tells Raccoon Valley Radio when medical calls are answered by dispatch, they go through a set of screening questions with each situation. She points out what they do if someone answers positively to the screening questions.

“In that situation, we’re going to use special protective gear to come into your home if you are symptomatic potentially for COVID(-19). Our PPE, or personal protective equipment supplies are limited at this time. So we need to be able to discern when it’s necessary to utilize those limited resources and when we can maybe hold back and keep those for a more serious situation.”

In her line of business, Madsen says she has been preparing for the “unknown” for over 20 years, but with being a part of the first responders, she has concerns with this particular disease of how it could continue to spread.

“Is it a concern as it passing it onto our families and friends, sure it is. But we’re willing to do it for the communities that we serve and that hasn’t changed. So we just try to protect ourselves the best we can, but we want to make sure that you guys are well cared for and we’re willing to cross that line, per say, to keep the job done.”

Madsen adds, if people are feeling the symptoms of COVID-19, including a fever, shortness of breath and a dry cough, to call 211 and they will also guide you and take you through the next steps in the process. However, if it becomes life-threatening, then call 911.