Greene County Rams

Greene County Rams Activities is offering some interaction with their classmates through a “virtual” portal, Facebook.

Each day, while schools are shut down during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the “Greene County Rams Activities” Facebook page has scheduled a theme for each day of the week.

Students who wish to participate can make a post relevant to the daily theme and tag @GreeneCntyRams.  For example, Monday was “Mom and Dad Shoutout” where students can create a post thanking their parents.  Tuesday’s theme was “Tag a Teammate.”

Be sure to visit the Greene County Rams Activities’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for the full schedule of daily themes.

Even with school out of session, Greene County Schools and Activities is engaging with students, teachers, and coaches of the district.

And remember, when you post, don’t forget to tag @GreeneCntyRams.