The Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the state-employed naturalists are currently in the process of developing a new series of Virtual learning and field trips for educators, children, and families who are spending time at home.

Anne Riordan with Springbrook State Park near Guthrie Center is excited about the new programming that the DNR is piecing together, and building videos of virtual programs, activities and lessons for teachers, students and families.  The idea is that the videos would, as closely as possible, mimic what a student would learn or experience on a field trip to their local state park or nature area.

Riordan said, “This is a new adventure for most of us, as we naturalists are more well versed in hands-on field trips than creating videos!  I am hoping that my skills along those lines will continue to improve.  If teachers have been working on something at school that they would like us to try to include, or have other wonderful ideas, please let me know and we will try!”

Those interested in the DNR’s virtual programming may reach out to Riordan at Springbrook State Park by phone at 641-295-6028 or may email