With the start of baseball practices less than a week away for the high school sports season, ADMs Jason Book is excited to get back out on the diamond and work with his team.

There will be a lot of things that will need to be worked on during the two week practice session, and Book understands that it will be a learning process, ” I understand that they are going to miss some things they’re not going to get all of the workouts in all the time but know that they are doing something and getting the work in.”

Book also alluded too that previous baseball experience was going to be vital for the teams success this year, as he is aware that being mentally prepped from day one could give teams a certain advantage.

Book commented, “The better they know the game the better response is correct or necessary is that situation.”

A lot of coaches have said that there teams success is going to depend on how much work that kids were able to get in on their own, and for Coach Book and his players, they understand that is going to be crucial to their teams success for the 2020 baseball season.