The West Central Valley Wildcats will be continuing their first week of baseball and softball practice this week, and one of the most important things for them will be getting prepared for the season and figuring out the fundamentals. There will be certain teams in the state of Iowa that will be in good condition even after the shutdown, as athletes were able to train on their own will be giving themselves a better opportunity to find some time on the playing diamond.

Though conditioning will be apart of every teams preseason practices, some teams might not some more time to focus on the fundamentals, especially if their teams are not ready to compete on a physical basis. If teams are in good shape, honing in on their skills will be vital to the teams success, especially with a shorter preseason and regular season as well.

West Central Valley is going to have young teams in both softball and baseball this year, which is why hopefully much of the practices will be focused on skills and getting prepared for the season.