The 2019 novel coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, but as we turn towards summer weather in Iowa, will the virus be less of a threat?

Greene County Medical Center Family Practice Physician Dr. Laurie Connolly says because COVID-19 is so new, not enough studies and information are available to determine if it is a seasonal virus, like other viruses are including other strains of the coronavirus. 

“It seemed to start in an area like Wuhan, China where it was cold (and) dry, kind of like our winter weather. It’s also showing up in areas that are tropical (like) Brazil right now. Harvard (University) did a big study just in China itself and they were seeing (an) equal number of cases in tropical regions of China as they were seeing in the colder (and) dry climates of China.”

Dr. Connolly says due to how new COVID-19 is, it appears to be affecting all climates and everyone is susceptible to it. She believes as the virus continues to infect the human population, such as one or two years, it may become more of a seasonal virus.