The Perry City Council will convene Tuesday morning for their annual end of fiscal year meeting.

For the first time since March the meeting will be held in person, with all previous meetings held remotely due to COVID-19 concerns. The session will begin with two public hearings. The first will be to review bids received for the renovation project at the Perry Public Library. The second is regarding the application for a community development block grant for water and sewer projects. Following the hearings, the Council will consider resolutions related to each in old business. Also in old business, they will consider the second pay request from Des Moines Asphalt for the 2020 asphalt overlay project.

In new business, the Council will consider a resolution authorizing the creation of a two-year pilot program to allow “parklets” and “streateries” to set up on 2nd Street between Otley Avenue and Bateman Street. That will be followed by approval of the certificate of substantial completion for the infrastructure improvements to the McCreary Community Building. Other items on the agenda include: setting a public hearing on a loan agreement for street improvements; authorizing FY2020 operation transfers, debt payments, and emergency levies; and the appointment of a new City Clerk.

The meeting will be held at 8 a.m. Tuesday in the Clarion Room at Perry City Hall.