Outdoor temperatures look to be in the 90s to start this week and with that in mind, public health officials have some safety precautions for everyone.

Greene County Public Health Director Becky Wolf offers some suggestions so that people don’t succumb to the outdoor heat.

“So you need to drink water until you are no longer thirsty, staying in the shade when possible and limiting activity so you don’t get over exhausted, and then wear sunscreen. Prior to going out apply to and give it a little bit of time to soak in.”

Wolf points out that drinking plenty of fluids can help stave off having issues with hotter temperatures.

“Get ahead of the game by drinking a bottle or two of water before you get outside so that your body can utilize those fluids. We always say ‘Drink to thirst.’ But with high heat temperatures you may want to go past when you’re no longer thirsty, just to make sure that you have enough fluids on board in your body for all of your organs to cool off and to function.”

Wolf adds to avoid the warmest parts of the day, such as mid to late afternoon to further prevent heat-related illnesses.