Cases of COVID-19 continue to be reported locally, statewide, and around the nation, and though it may seem like the outbreak is waning from its recent peak, public health officials advise people to remain cautious.

Dallas County Health Department Public Information Officer Ann Cochran emphasizes that though many of the social gathering restrictions in the state have been lifted, it’s still not a good idea to run out and get close to a lot of people from different households. She warns that while the local cases of coronavirus have begun to plateau more, there’s still a possibility that the spread could have a resurgence, as has been seen in other states. Cochran also advises that the outbreak in Dallas County is quite different than for neighboring counties, so it’s up to the individual to consider their own safety when breaking isolation. “Everyone is in a different place right now, and that’s okay. If you don’t feel comfortable yet, you hold off until you feel comfortable. And for those of you who are comfortable, please be aware of the fact that you can do everything right for lots of days in a row when you isolate, and then make an error at this stage of the game and still get the coronavirus.”

Raccoon Valley Radio will continue providing daily updates on the local COVID-19 numbers, as long as the virus threatens the listening area. To learn more about the coronavirus pandemic, click the link below to listen to the recent Perry Fareway Let’s Talk Dallas County program with Cochran.