As Men’s Health Month draws to a close this year, Guthrie County Hospital and Clinics would like to give some final advice on what men and women can do to improve their wellbeing.

Dr. Josh Strehle says one of the most important steps people can take to better their health is getting regular physical activity, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state adults need 2.5 hours of physical activity each week. He also stresses the importance of quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake to no more than two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women, “And then to see their regular healthcare provider, especially if there’s been any new changes in medical history. If mom, dad, grandma, grandpa had a stroke, had a heart attack, newly diagnosed with heart disease or cancer. Those would be things you would want to let your healthcare provider know about so that you can make some shared decision making regarding how to prevent and manage that for yourself, going forward.”

Heart disease and depression are two of the leading health risks for men and women, so Dr. Strehle says it’s important to recognize the signs both for depression and heart attacks, and if someone you care about is in a mental health crisis, to seek help immediately. You can hear more from Dr. Strehle in Monday’s Let’s Talk Guthrie County program online at