With COVID-19 concerns continuing across the country, is there any risk for pregnant women?

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with the Women’s Health Clinic at Greene County Medical Center Valerie Martin says recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows pregnant women are at an increased risk for some severe symptoms of the virus. However, she notes besides there being an increased chance for intensive care and ventilation, there’s no data that shows the rate of maternal deaths, what health conditions or during what trimester that pregnant women are at a higher risk.

She explains what may happen to the fetus if a pregnant woman tests positive for the virus.

“To date there is no conclusive evidence of vertical transmission of COVID-19 to the fetus. What that means is that the mother does not pass it on to her unborn baby.”

Martin adds, pregnant women must be diligent about taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves from the virus. Those precautions include frequent handwashing, wiping down frequently touched areas, wearing a mask when in a social setting, staying six feet apart from others and avoiding large crowds.