Greene County football camp will be held starting Aug. 3 with official high school practice on Aug. 10. Sport specific guidelines pertaining to COVID-19 haven’t been released from the governing bodies of Iowa High School sports, but Ram head football coach Caden Duncan knows some of the measures his program will be taking. “As of right now we’re planning on going full-steam ahead with our football activities with keeping a few things in mind.”

He explained further and said, “For social distancing, we’re never going to have people together in big groups for extended periods of time. If we have larger groups it will be for a very short period of time, and then moving on to the next drill. We will not have any community water bottles or towels or anything that could be shared. Everyone will have to be bringing their own. We’ll be constantly disinfecting the footballs and other equipment after each practice to try and stay as safe as we possibly can.”

Coach Duncan added the Football Camp next week will be for players in grades 7 through 12.