The Iowa Legislative Council recently made a decision that counteracts a previous decision regarding absentee ballot request forms.

The Legislative Council previously voted to deny the Secretary of State’s Office from mailing absentee ballot request forms to all eligible voters,. Most recently the Council voted to allow the Secretary of State’s Office to mail out absentee ballot requests. However, Greene County Auditor Jane Heun says any voter in the county can fill out an absentee request form now.

“You can still request an absentee ballot. We will send a form to them that does that, that they need to fill out and send back by mail, or drop off at the auditor’s office in person, or drop in our drop box outside the courthouse.”

Deputy Auditor Billie Hoskins says due to COVID-19 concerns, another challenge will be to go from two polling locations in the June primary election to five in the November general election.

“We have a few polling places now that we would maybe have to move them because they are so small, they wouldn’t be able to (practice) social distance and keep the voters and the poll workers safe. So that’s another thing that we have to look at is some place else in the community where we could have a polling place.”

Heun adds the absentee ballots are scheduled to be mailed out to those who request one 29 days before the general election on November 3rd. Click the link below for a copy of the absentee ballot request form.