Ahead of the start of the upcoming school year, the Greene County School District asked parents and guardians to sign their child up for online learning.

Superintendent Tim Christensen says 18 families requested to do remote learning based on health-related reasons and another 15 families were for other personal and safety reasons because of COVID-19. He notes that is about three-percent of the total student body. Christensen adds the District will provide online resources for those students who choose to stay home.

“Every lesson is going to have to be presented in such a fashion that students in the classroom can take part in that and students at home can also take part in that. It’s probably going to be videotaped ahead of time – with a 10-15 minute lesson – that is then available to everybody and be structuring how your class works. It’s going to take a lot of planning.”

Christensen says the district continues to work with Greene County Public Health on specific protocols for students or staff that test positive for COVID-19.