The Dallas County Supervisors granted a local non-profit access to the pear trees on the Dallas County Public Health campus.

DCPH has two large pear trees in front of their human services building in Adel. Historically, the pears have created more waste than any benefit. The Supervisors unanimously approved Eat Greater Des Moines to harvest the fruit. DCPH Public Information Ann Cochran says this is a win-win, “We are going to participate in some food rescue. There are still two very big pear trees that have not been harvested for a number of years. And we reported that to Eat Greater Des Moines and through their food rescue program, they’re going to have some volunteers come and pick those pears and harvest them. They will be distributed to local food pantries for people to consume instead of having those pears drop into the ground.” 


Eat Greater Des Moines helps provide fresh produce to much of Dallas County including Perry and Adel.