Bolton and Menk's Jacob Hagen (standing right) conducting classification public hearing for DD191

The Greene County Board of Supervisors met Monday in regular session.

During open forum, County Attorney Thomas Laehn addressed the Board. He mentioned that the first jury trial date since the courts have reopened will be September 29th. Laehn said due to social distancing, the courtroom wasn’t big enough to do jury selection. Court administration has reserved the former middle school gym for jury selection and then the actual trial will take place in the courtroom of the Greene County Courthouse.

Laehn also presented a 28E agreement for temporary law enforcement coverage for the City of Jefferson. The preliminary draft outlines the type of coverage the sheriff’s office can provide if there are uncovered shifts from the Jefferson Police Department. Laehn also talked about the payment structure from the City should the sheriff’s office have to provide coverage. There was also a timeline to determine if the County of sheriff’s office wanted to terminate the agreement if the police department didn’t meet certain criteria. The agreement would be presented to the City’s police department committee on Tuesday.

Jefferson City Administrator Mike Palmer then gave an update. He said the shared use path on Greenwood Road was complete and the contractor Caliber Construction of Adair will start on the north alleyway project on the downtown square. He said if there is time later this year, Caliber will replace the walking trail at Daubendiek Park, but the shared use path on East Lincoln Way will be done next year. He said the runway extension project for the City’s airport has started, with paving to be completed next year.

The Board then approved a $72,832 pay estimate to A-1 Excavating for a project in drainage district 187. During the public hearing for classification of drainage district 191, engineering firm Bolton and Menk said the estimated cost to install a new district drainage tile was $265,000, with the assessment schedule of $350,000, which will be adjusted. The four factors in determining the assessment to each landowner in the district included soil wetness, proximity to the tile, benefit to the landowner and right-of-way usage. The average cost per assessed acre was $322. 

One landowner, Don Wiederian said he was going to install his own private drainage tile. Following the discussion, it was determined that once the private tile is installed, his assessment will be adjust if the tile doesn’t flow into the district tile. The Board then approved the classification and assessment waiver of six-percent for 20 years as presented.

The Board also held another public hearing for an installment payment agreement with Midland Power Cooperative to purchase part of their property on Lincoln Way for $600,000. The intention was to move part of the law enforcement center to that location. Following the hearing, the Board decided to table its final approval, due to waiting for the finalized agreement by Midland Power.