The Dallas County Board of Supervisors discussed a change order for the new Law Enforcement Center during their meeting Tuesday.

The $128,000 change order is to add netting on the mezzanine level railing of the jail, to provide additional safety to inmates. The Supervisors approved the addition. The Supervisors then reviewed bids for the sale of county property at 1133 Prairie Street in Adel. The Supervisors approved the lone bid for the six-foot section of land to an adjacent property owner for $5. County Attorney Chuck Sinnard gave an update on the courts. Monday was the first time the district court had a jury report since the Iowa Supreme Court stopped jury trials due to COVID-19 last March. Sinnard says this was not an easy task and required a great deal of teamwork, “I know I’m getting older because I’m one of those people who often say, ‘Doesn’t anybody do anything right anymore? Don’t they make anything that lasts anymore?’ But one thing I’ve noticed in almost two years of being County Attorney is the quality of people who work for the County and how much pride that they put into their jobs. It sure came through with putting all this together. I think the Court was duly impressed as well.”

Other items discussed were an easement on the Raccoon River Valley Trail, Boone Township appointment, and a recent issue with the County’s phone system.