As COVID-19 is still alive and well in Guthrie County, residents are reminded that now is the perfect time to schedule getting an annual influenza vaccine.

Guthrie County Public Health Director Jotham Arber says he wants residents to be careful not to get a flu shot early to make sure the vaccine is effective for the long flu season ahead, but he says that the end of September and first couple weeks of October are a great time to get vaccinated, “On the health department side, we’ve begun our plans for school vaccinations for offering school flu shots. We’re going to be doing some community drive-in flu shots here at the health department and working with the hospital to make sure that people have access to those flu shots. This year we got an additional 400 flu shots that we’ll be able to distribute to not just children but also adults, so adults that don’t have insurance, adults that are underinsured, we’ll be able to get them the flu shot this year if they’re willing to take it.”

Arber says information about these flu shot clinics will be posted on the Guthrie County Health Services Facebook page during this coming week. He recommends that all residents six months and older get a yearly vaccine. You can listen to a bimonthly COVID-19 interview with Arber from September 17th here.