The Greene County Public Health Department wants to clear up some possible confusion with some of the terms associated with COVID-19.

Public Health Director Becky Wolf says when someone is to be isolated due to COVID-19, it means the individual tested positive for the virus or someone who has symptoms of the virus and was exposed to someone who tested positive. Those individuals should isolate themselves from others in the household.

“They should isolate themselves from other household members and remain at home until the following criteria are met: They need to be free of fever for 24-hours without taking any fever-reducing medicines, their symptoms have to improve, and there has to be at least ten full days since the onset of symptoms.”    

Wolf says quarantine is for individuals exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, not show symptoms, and should stay home for 14 days to prevent further spreading the virus.

“Remember that once you are exposed to COVID-19, it takes 2-14 days before you may start having symptoms. A lot of people it’s just within a few days, but we have had situations where people have not started having symptoms until their 12th, 13th, or 14th day.”

Wolf recommends that if you are in quarantine for exposure to someone that tested positive to wait 48-hours before being tested. She adds not to allow anyone who is not from your household to be around you or in your home while you are in quarantine or isolation.