As construction is coming along on the Guthrie Center High School fitness center/weight room addition, the public is reminded of how they can make a large impact on purchasing the new equipment.

Guthrie County State Bank announced last August that in effort to help give the final push towards the high school’s $160,000 goal for fitness and weight equipment, they were going to match every monetary donation of up to $25,000, for a total of $50,000 that will help the project cross the finish line. Guthrie Center Activities Director Cody Matthewson says the campaign has been going very well so far, but they still could use more community members’ support for the facility that will be open both for students and the public. Matthewson explains how his original estimate of $125,000 grew to $160,000 in the last few months,“There was a few mishaps in prices of steel that obviously have gone up with some other outside companies that are building our equipment, and then there was also a misquote on our turf which was about a $15,000 misquote which was very upsetting to see. But we kind of went with the approach of, you know we’re going to add all the bells and whistles for our entire facility. There weren’t really add ons, there’s things that you wanted to do altogether so that the paint was the same and the equipment all looked the same because you decided hey we’re going to order this much now and you know maybe, a year down the road, you know I’m very particular about all things matching.”

Matthewson says construction on the new facility should be completed in about two months. Donations for the equipment can be dropped off at the drive-through window at Guthrie County State Bank, through a GoFundMe page, or mailed to AC/GC School District, ATTN: Equipment, 906 School Street, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 50115.