The Greene County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution in a special session Thursday for a countywide mask mandate.

The Board voted unanimously to adopt the resolution that is now in effect and will expire on January 15, 2021, unless the Board amends the resolution or repeals it sooner. The resolution outlines when everyone is to wear a mask, the places and times where people are exempt from having to wear one, how to appropriately wear a cloth mask for maximum protection, and those individuals who are exempt from having to wear a cloth face covering. Greene County Attorney Thomas Laehn said people can either wear a face shield or a mask.

Supervisor Chair John Muir told Raccoon Valley Radio there is no penalty if someone is found in violation of the mandate. He explains why that decision was made.

“On the local level though, I think it’s understood between the Board (of Supervisors) and (Greene County Sheriff) Jack (Williams) that we’re not out there looking, hunting for problems. I don’t want to say it’s unenforceable, but it kind of is. But it’s another step towards telling people how serious this is. There’s no penalty involved. This small step we’re trying to take to start to get control of this is emphasizing more and more to people that face masks is something that everybody can do.”

Greene County Public Health Director Becky Wolf was at the meeting and she acknowledged how contentious the issue of wearing a mask has been. She described her reaction to the passing of the resolution.

“I was proud of the Board of Supervisors for doing the right thing. We’ve tried other things, and we need to bring more attention that it is extremely important that if you’re going to be away from home that you are wearing a mask, and that the people around you are wearing a mask.”

Click the link below to see the resolution.