The Greene County Sheriff is asking for the public’s help when they are responding to calls during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sheriff Jack Williams tells Raccoon Valley Radio when someone makes a call for service to the law enforcement, dispatchers ask screening questions related to COVID-19. He says sometimes people don’t tell the truth if they are experiencing COVID symptoms or tested positive for the virus. He describes one situation where one of his deputies responded to a situation.

“They went to a residence with a person that had COVID and didn’t tell us, so they just wore a mask and gloves. And then ended up getting sick three days later, and tested positive for COVID.”

Williams makes this plea with the public whenever they call for service to the law enforcement center.

“We just ask you to please just tell if you have symptoms. But if you are sick, call 911 and they’ll ask you all these questions. Because we do have police officers that also respond to emergency calls. And depending on what the call is, that’s how we prepare, as far as protective equipment before we get there.”   

Williams adds, if someone has COVID-related symptoms but are not deathly ill, they should contact their medical provider first to be tested. He appreciates everyone’s help and protecting the first responders as well.