The Perry Bluejays dropped all four duals Saturday in Ames at the powerful Mendenhall Invitational.  Perry’s lone ranked wrestler Cole Nelson didn’t disappoint, winning all four of his matches to kick off the new year.  Complete results are posted below.

Ballard (BALL) 69.0 Perry (PERR) 11.0
132: Daniel Hyman (BALL) over   (PERR) (For.) 138: Gage Long (BALL) over Tanner Burgin (PERR) (Fall 3:18) 145: Wyatt Borg (BALL) over Jeb Stewart (PERR) (Dec 5-4) 152: Blake Fleischmann (BALL) over Anthony Tlaceca (PERR) (Fall 1:37) 160: Gabriel Christensen (BALL) over Keegan Snyder (PERR) (Fall 1:14) 170: Jeremiah Wilkinson (BALL) over Kain Killmer (PERR) (Fall 0:54) 182: Angel Calderon (PERR) over   (BALL) (For.) 195: Mason Askelsen (BALL) over Brian Hernandez (PERR) (Fall 0:34) 220: Jack Chism (BALL) over Robbie Mason (PERR) (Fall 0:29) 285: Ehresman Brady (BALL) over   (PERR) (For.) 106: Landon Broer (BALL) over   (PERR) (For.) 113: Jack Shepherd (BALL) over   (PERR) (For.) 120: Cole Nelson (PERR) over Luke Hartsook (BALL) (TF 17-2 3:42) 126: Lane Kahler (BALL) over Ian Castellanos (PERR) (Fall 0:41)


Indianola (INDI) 75.0 Perry (PERR) 4.0
126: Malachi Thomsen (INDI) over Ian Castellanos (PERR) (Fall 2:00) 132: Ryder Downey (INDI) over   (PERR) (For.) 138: Bryce Hageman (INDI) over Tanner Burgin (PERR) (Fall 1:49) 145: Camden  Lloyd (INDI) over Jeb Stewart (PERR) (Fall 3:03) 152: Jonce Hale (INDI) over Juan Hernandez (PERR) (Fall 3:31) 160: Trey Kellow (INDI) over Keegan Snyder (PERR) (Dec 8-3) 170: Hawkins Jacobsen (INDI) over Jose Chavez (PERR) (Fall 3:50) 182: Isaiah Kellow (INDI) over Angel Calderon (PERR) (Fall 0:23) 195: Walker Whalen (INDI) over Brian Hernandez (PERR) (Fall 0:39) 220: James Naughton (INDI) over Robbie Mason (PERR) (Fall 1:03) 285: Cael Crawford (INDI) over   (PERR) (For.) 106: Bowen Downey (INDI) over   (PERR) (For.) 113: Cael Meyer (INDI) over   (PERR) (For.) 120: Cole Nelson (PERR) over Cael Meacham (INDI) (MD 9-1)


Ames (AMES) 62.0 Perry (PERR) 12.0
113: Dominick Arce-Matos (AMES) over   (PERR) (For.) 120: Cole Nelson (PERR) over Khire  Cooper (AMES) (Fall 1:14) 126: Landan McManus (AMES) over Ian Castellanos (PERR) (Fall 1:07) 132: Laverne Borntreger (AMES) over   (PERR) (For.) 138: Jordan Corrieri (AMES) over Tanner Burgin (PERR) (Dec 6-2) 145: Brent Slade (AMES) over Jeb Stewart (PERR) (TF 17-2 4:44) 152: Ian  Jurgensen (AMES) over Alex Fickbohm (PERR) (Fall 0:39) 160: Cayden Widen (PERR) over Kyle  Martin  (AMES) (Fall 3:12) 170: Brady Burkheimer (AMES) over Jose Chavez (PERR) (Fall 1:48) 182: Kyle Church (AMES) over Angel Calderon (PERR) (Fall 0:59) 195: Briar Fitz (AMES) over Brian Hernandez (PERR) (Fall 2:12) 220: Kyler Hall (AMES) over Robbie Mason (PERR) (Fall 1:46) 285: Gabe Greenlee (AMES) over   (PERR) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit


Pocahontas Area (POAR) 55.0 Perry (PERR) 18.0
106: Kaitlynn Schuler (POAR) over   (PERR) (For.) 113: Dominic Aljets (POAR) over   (PERR) (For.) 120: Cole Nelson (PERR) over Tyce Ruffridge (POAR) (MD 9-0) 126: Joel Carranza (POAR) over Ian Castellanos (PERR) (Fall 3:56) 132: Brandon Lenz (POAR) over   (PERR) (For.) 138: Verde Klocke (POAR) over Tanner Burgin (PERR) (Dec 6-0) 145: Jeb Stewart (PERR) over Ryan Sommerlot (POAR) (MD 10-1) 152: Carter Beschorner (POAR) over Anthony Tlaceca (PERR) (MD 12-3) 160: Keegan Snyder (PERR) over Ryan Panbecker (POAR) (MD 14-3) 170: Deontez  Williams (POAR) over Kain Killmer (PERR) (Fall 1:27) 182: Alex Welander (POAR) over Angel Calderon (PERR) (Fall 0:12) 195: Brian Hernandez (PERR) over   (POAR) (For.) 220: Keaton Bindel (POAR) over Robbie Mason (PERR) (Fall 1:03) 285: Dane Johnson (POAR) over   (PERR) (For